1968, Indonesian – Central, Hong Kong

photo 5

In a most unassuming location, the 5th floor of one of the many high rises in Central is 1968, is a delicious Indonesian restaurant. Fashioned  after the famed Indonesian street food dining culture, 1968 has charming wooden tables, cycles with carts, and an open kitchen.  They have successfully captured the beauty of the chaos on the Indonesian street side.

I went on a Monday for lunch and lucky for me, I was handed a ‘Green Monday Veggie Menu’! They had a couple vegetarian options on the regular menu as well, but the veggie menu was like striking gold. We ordered the ‘Gado Gado Dongan Emping’*, an Indonesian salad with fruit crackers and peanut sauce, the ‘Kyatieu Goreng Sayeur’*, Fried thick noodles with mixed vegetables and the ‘Kari Sayuer’*, a vegetable curry. We thought 3 dishes may not be enough, but we couldn’t have been more wrong, the portions may look small but they were very big.

photo 4

The food was really fresh and delicious. The peanut sauce on the salad was beautifully tangy and crunchy. The curry was coconut based and the vegetables were stewed in it nicely. I even ordered tender coconut water to go with my meal, and it was served to me in a coconut! There’s no fun in having coconut water out of a glass. The coconut flavours in the curry and my drink really brought back memories of Indonesia. The noodles were also amazing, well cooked and great bold flavours. Before we knew it were gasping for breath because we had eaten too much!

Even though we were gasping we couldn’t resist dessert. We ordered Purple sticky rice with mango. A nice and relatively light end to our sumptuous meal. The dessert was served to us in a glass, through which you can see the bold contrast between the bright yellow mango and purple rice. It wasn’t too sweet, which made it like a nice fruity snack at the end of the meal.

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Well priced and conveniently located, don’t miss this one! If you don’t catch it in hk, they apparently have an outpost in Malaysia as well.

5/F, The L Place, 139 Queen’s Rd Central, 2577 9981

*spellings may differ from real menu