Al Reef Bakery- Dubai


Everyone loves midnight-post-party food. No matter what city you are in. In Dubai, post party food can be found at the famous Al Reef Lebanese Bakery. A small little shop that sells delicious Baklava and other dried fruit goodies. But the reason to make a pit-stop here is for it’s Manakish- a thick pita bread of sorts.


There are many options of what you can get on your Manakish, but the 2 most famous and best are the Zaatar Labneh and Chilli Cheese. Both as delicious as each other. Best eaten when piping hot, straight out of the oven. The Zaatar Labneh is generously covered with Zaatar and piled high dollops of creamy, rich labneh (a curd dip of sorts). The Chilli Cheese, is exactly as the name suggests – generous amounts of a flavorful chilly paste, that is not too spicy with grated cheese on top. Don’t miss out on this midnight food!
Al Wasl Road,Jumeirah – United Arab Emirates
+971 4 394 5200

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