Anju Coco – Havelock, Andaman Islands, India


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There are any number of eateries of all shapes and sizes on the blessed Island of Havelock, but one that was mentioned time and again was Anju Coco. A combination of shack, hut and concrete this eatery is buzzing on any night of the week, and they don’t serve alcohol! Filled with locals and tourists alike, everyone loves this place, and for good reason. If nothing else you should just swing by to try the decadent (according to my friends) banoffie shake (I am not a big fan of bananas), rich, creamy, smooth and oh-so-filling, this could be a mini-meal in itself.

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The menu spans continents, cuisines and meal types. You can get everything from a dosa, biryani, Chinese, Crepes, pancakes, pasta, sandwiches and more. So no matter what your mood, you will find something to eat at this happy restaurant. While I personally found the Chinese a bit greasy (unless you are into that kind of food), all the other food was really yummy. Standout favorites were¬†the Dal Makhani, Paneer Tikka and Mushroom Tikka that comes with delicious, spicy fresh onions. The pasta was also really good, considering the fact that you are on an Indian island miles and miles away from Italy. Another favorite was the honey chilli garlic potatoes, fried potato sticks with heaps of sweet, salty and chilli accents. Don’t go to Anju Coco on a diet, you will not be able to stick to it!

The most famous dish at Anju Coco, is also the most daunting – the chocolate momos. For those that don’t know, momos are an Indian version of Chinese dumplings. These chocolate momos are a bit doughy on the outside, but are filled with coconut chocolate goodness on the inside. The stuffing has a beautiful crumbly texture that goes amazingly well with the dipping chocolate that these are served with. This isn’t my favorite dessert in the world, but its definitely worth a try.

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Don’t miss out on Anju Coco, its sheer variety and expanse will have you coming back for more.