Ayana Rock Bar – Bali, Indonesia


Potentially one of the most beautiful, romantic, serene and wonderful place in Bali, the Ayana Rock Bar is a sight to be hold. One has to take a tram down to the Rock Bar as it is literally located on the rocks above the vast Indian Ocean. From the tram windows, one can glimpse the the bar and the beauty that is about to unfold. The bar is beautifully designed to enhance the beauty of the cliff that it is built upon, the different levels of the bar make it blend seamlessly into it’s surroundings. 


We reached the rock bar after a relaxing 2 hours at the aquatonic spa, hungry for the delicious tapas that awaited us. As the sun slowly set, we sipped delicious cocktails and chomped through multiple servings of their delicacies. Everything on the menu was absolutely fantastic, and the fire lit torches made it all the better. My personal favorite tapa was the cheese filled spring rolls with hot spices, yummy crunchy and delicious. I single handedly ate at least 4 of these. They came with a dipping sauce of herbs and spices that were a perfect accompaniment to the cheese and filo pastry.  Another favorite was the cold soba noodles with coconut cream. I know this sounds like a sweet dish, but it was not! Deliciously creamy and so light, we had a repeat of this as well. We obviously could not resist the call of the curly fries and potato wedges, and I am glad we succumbed to it. While we were delving into all this delicious unhealthiness, we even get an order of edamame beans with sea salt – a staple oldie but goodie.

All the food came in perfect servings of 4 each, which was great for us as we were a party of 4. Each dish was elegantly presented and had a perfect tapa portion size. The Rock Bar is a wonderful experience all the way through. Although, there is very often a long line to get in, so make sure you reach well in advance – and if you do the aquatonic spa, you will get a free priority pass to the bar. The Aquatonic spa is a great experience, and the Rock Bar is not to be missed, club the 2 for a perfect evening in Bali. IMG_9566



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