Bella Pita – Los Angeles, USA

IMG_1438Best midnight snack in LA. Best midnight snack.  Best Snack. Best!

If you are ever in the Westwood area, do not leave without a falafel sandwich from Bella Pita. Or feel regret for the rest of your life. I had it thrice on my trip to LA and I still crave it! Bella Pita is a typical small falafel joint, with a salad bar for you to stuff your sandwich, but what makes this place unforgettable our delicious sauces that they have with it. It puts all other falafel shops to shame. That Harissa sauce had me licking my fingers. 

The best veggie thing on the menu is the falafel pita sandwich that you can pile high with all the fresh crunchy salad, and top of with yummy harissa, garlic sauce, mayo and so much more. Keeping with the Cali life, all the food is made fresh and the pita is made in house. Their hummus and sauces are made on the premises, so you really know you are eating the good stuff.

So easy on your pocket, and so good, I will be back in LA for Bella Pita! Easy and quick, this is a perfect pit stop on a busy day and the food is so good, you may also want to sit and eat. Or best of all, eat in the middle of the night!

960 Gayley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024, United States
+1 310-209-1050