Gaggan – Bangkok, Thailand


Gaggan – Asia’s number 1 restaurant, and it deserves that spot!

An evening at Gaggan is so much more than a meal, it is an experience that tantalizes all your senses and continues to do so long after you have walked beyond the threshold of the haloed restaurant. Set in a building unlike anything I expected, Gaggan is located in a beautiful white washed wooden house bathed in warm lighting that gives one the memory of eating in your own home. There are near to no hints of the burst of flavor and color that you will seen on your plate in any of the decor. Right from when you see the structure, to after you have finished your dessert, Gaggan is toying with your mind. Best leave all pre-conceived notions at the door.

The Gaggan tasting menu is a multi-course vegetarian delight, where your server will explain to you what is placed in front of you. Be forewarned – nothing looks like what it tastes. Molecular gastronomy 101.   Read more

Ayana Rock Bar – Bali, Indonesia


Potentially one of the most beautiful, romantic, serene and wonderful place in Bali, the Ayana Rock Bar is a sight to be hold. One has to take a tram down to the Rock Bar as it is literally located on the rocks above the vast Indian Ocean. From the tram windows, one can glimpse the the bar and the beauty that is about to unfold. The bar is beautifully designed to enhance the beauty of the cliff that it is built upon, the different levels of the bar make it blend seamlessly into it’s surroundings.  Read more

Sisterfields – Bali, Indonesia


Cafe, breakfast, pancakes, healthy food, juice, home grown foods? they have it all. A very cute, but pretty big, cafe in Seminyak, Sisterfields is a great place to make a stop while shopping or just walking around. It even has an outdoor section, so you can continue your people watching if you so desire. A beautifully designed space, with private and communal tables, Sisterfields is like something you would find on a Californian beach side, but it is in the middle of Bali! Read more

Coya – Dubai


Coya, was my first experience with Peruvian food, I promise it will not be my last. Coya at the Four Seasons is a delight for all the senses, with stunning decor, great music and awesome food. The restaurant is heralded by the awesome Pisco Lounge, that serves some delicious and potent concoctions. An outpost of the famed restaurant in London, Coya brings all the flair of Latin America to Dubai.  Read more

La Serre – Dubai


A street side Parisian Cafe, overlooking Emaar Boulevard, La serre is the perfect place for a nice sit-down meal, or even a quick bite. Located in the Vida hotel, La Serre has 2 levels – a bistro and cafe, depending on your mood you can take your pick.The crisp white interiors, and beautiful glass facade make this a great modern eatery with Parisian old world charm. The Boulangerie has some of the freshest breads, jams and pastries, that are as enticing as the food menu itself.  Read more

Sass Cafe – Dubai


The Arab version of the famed outpost in Monaco, Sass Cafe brings European luxury to Dubai. Located in DIFC, this is a great place for a meal, a nigh out, or even a crazy party brunch, Sass Cafe is great anytime of day. The menu is European inspired, with salads and pastas and some fantastic desserts. Sass Cafe even has a wonderful outdoor area, from which you can see the Burj Khalifa in all its glory.  Read more

Cong Caphe – Ha Noi, Vietnam


If you find yourself in Hanoi and need a breather from the incessant buzzing and honking of scooters and mopeds, make your way to Cong Caphe! Nestled in the heart of the Hoan Kiem district and just a short walk from the beautiful Old Quarters / Hoan Kiem Lake, Cong Caphe offers the perfect pit-stop to enjoy some of Vietnam’s most popular local snacks and a much needed relief from the bustle of Hanoi. Read more