Nishta – Dubrovnik, Croatia

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A small, cute, purple restaurant with limited tables inside, this place is vegetarian heaven. An all-vegan restaurant with delicious foods from across the world. They serve great food that is fresh and innovative, combining flavors from local and international cuisine. Located in the old town, this is a perfect stop to make during a day of sight seeing.

Nishta is Sanskrit for ‘elevated state of mind’ and after eating here you will definitely get there. This cozy restaurant has a funky decor with Barbie and Ken stuck on the bathroom doors to make gender distinctions. The tables are closely packed and you may be rubbing elbows with a fellow eater, but you won’t complain about it. Read more

Palute – Supetar, Brac, Croatia

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If you are travelling around Croatia, you will see the difference between mainland life and island life. Brac is one of the largest islands in Croatia and probably the most populated. The people here are just a lot calmer, more relaxed and they know how to have a good time.

Palute is a family run restaurant that is an institution on the Supetar harbor. Every one knows Palute! Named after the husband, wife and deceased daughter, this restaurant is open around the year. You can enjoy stunning views of the Adriatic and in the evenings, the twinkling city of Split. Read more

Vege – Split, Croatia

photo 1 (8)A small tiny counter top serving great vegetarian and vegan fast food to hungry eaters just outside the Dioclecian palace in Split. This eatery is easy to miss unless you know where to look. A great spot to hit up while you browse through the many street shops around the old town.

They serve a variety of dishes that include tofu, vegetables rice and falafels! If you have a palate like mine, you may like your falefels spicy. Unfortunately Eastern European has no allowance for us chili eaters, but the owner of Vege has very kindly kept a wide array of hot sauces to ‘spice up your life’.  Read more

Bistro Toc – Split, Croatia

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This is an International restaurant, the serve risotto, pastas, Mexican, sea food, Croatian, breakfast and more. Located just outside the center, Bistro Toc is a great place to make a detour to. They have a small raised Shamiana outside the restaurant where you can sit and enjoy your meal on a pleasant day. The Shamiana has cool funky art, warm stone walls and lots of beautiful plants.

We immediately gravitated to the Mexican options, as almost all our other meals were Italian. The waiters were super helpful, and happily catered to our needs. They serve fresh guac with chips and even the bravest of hearts can’t resist that. We ordered the vege quesedilla, taco salad and chips with salsa. Read more

As Apertivo – Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Located in the heart of the old town, this place is not your typical tourist trap. Apertivo is a cutting edge restaurant drawing in young and classy eaters with great taste in life and food. Clean and modern decor, this restaurant is something that you may find in the meat packing district.

Apertivo offers indoor and outdoor seating and on a clear summer day, you can enjoy stunning views of the castle. The staff is very helpful, as is everyone is Slovenia. They will make meat subtractions for you in everything. The menu offers some great salads with goat cheese, grana padano and other cheeses and fruits and some delicious pastas. Read more

Pizzeria Rikli

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Pizzeria Rikli is the place you must visit in Bled. Delicious well done Pizzas with toppings of your choice, this pizza place is fantastic. A small pizza joint, that can easily be missed and usually does a buy 2 + 1 free promotion, this place is worth every penny (and it’s really well priced)!

The Pizzas may look big, but I assure you, you can finish one, cause it tastes so good! You may have to stuff yourself a bit, but I know you can do it. I really enjoyed the ‘Spicy pizza’ (garlic, chilli flakes, mushrooms and cheese), it came as a pleasant surprise to me that they would serve such a pizza in this part of the world. The ingredients are fresh and delicious and they will happily cater to your tastes, and you can even watch your pizza being made. Read more