Zengo – New York, USA

IMG_1584 2Latin-Asian fusion yummyness! Zengo has all the best stuff from the east and west packed into each delicious dish. Brain child of famed restaurant owner-chef Richard Sandoval, Zengo is a great place to have a nice dinner, or even a quick lunch before you get onto a train from Grand Central. The best part, they have a separate gluten free and vegetarian menu! Read more

Sarabeth’s – New York, USA


With numerous accolades to it’s name, this place needs no description, but I would like for it to be on my blog. The food at Sarabeth’s (Central Park) definitely stands as testament to the magic of founder, Sarabeth Levine – even for vegetarians! This is a great place to stop by for lunch or brunch to make any day in nyc, a good day in nyc. Sarabeth’s is the the physical manifestation of the American dream. With a humble beginning of selling orange marmalade, Levine now has a bakery, numerous restaurants and a flourishing Jam business (source:http://www.sarabeth.com/About-Us_ep_7.html). More food for us! Read more

V-Note – New York


V-Note is a casual-classy vegan restaurant located in Upper East Side Manhattan, NYC. You can come here by yourself for a mid-day lunch break or bring a date for an evening dinner. The lighting is nice, the decor is above average, service is great. Online reviews consistently give a rating of 8/10 or higher. Although I have been here only twice, I have been more than satisfied with this restaurant.  Read more

Sotto 13 – New York

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A small easy to miss restaurant in the west village, with cute outdoor seating and a nice warm interior with a stunning sky light, Sotto 13 is a cross between your grandma’s kitchen and modern dining. A nice place for any meal of the day, but a fantastic place for a boozy brunch. They have a DIY (do-it-yourself) Prosecco brunch paired with some great food, that will leave you very happy.  Read more

Beyond Sushi – New York

photo 2All vegetarian and vegan sushi bar? hell yes! Beyond Sushi is for all the sushi lovers out there that have been to so many Japanese restaurants and requested, begged and pleaded for vegetarian rolls. With 2 outposts in New York City, this place is not to be missed. They make interesting concoctions with mangoes, kiwi, micro greens, tofu, black rice and much more.

Small and unassuming, Beyond Sushi has a wide open vegetable bar where you can watch your sushi being carefully crafted. They have a small seating space, so you may have to take your sushi to-go, but thats not such a bad thing in New York. They even sell their delicious black rice in jars, I couldn’t stop myself from buying one cause it tasted so good in their sushi. All the rolls are super flavorful and avant-garde, I would suggest you forget the traditional avocado-cucumbers and go all out on the ‘Spicy Mang’. Read more

Smorgasburg – New York

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New York City’s food cart culture is amazing! You can just pick up food from any street corner and sit out doors and enjoy the awesome meal. It’s great way to be outdoors, try some great food, and build a community. Smorgasburg is a food cart fair, with at least 75 odd carts selling everything from Dosas to Dumplings and Sodas to sandwich ice creams. You can buy awesome food, but you may have to stand in line, so go early. You can find all kind of cuisines here, including foods with dietary restrictions; gluten-free, vegan, etc. They even have stands selling Tacos, ice cream, noodles, veggie hot dogs, parathas, sandhwcihes, pop corn, baked goods and more. The sheer variety and expanse of Smorgasburg will blow you away.  Read more

Tia Pol – New York

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I love Tapas. Perfect sized plates of delicious-ness. And if you are sharing then you can order more because 1 or 2 plates will never be enough. New York is famous for its small alley like restaurants, but there are never too many of them! Tia Pol is one such small tapas restaurant with warm wooden tables, stone walls, dim yellow lights and a lot of happy eaters. During the summer, they open their doors to the streets, allowing the warm summer air to engulf you while you enjoy your meal.

I would not recommend that you go here with a very large group, this is a small cosy restaurant perfect for date night. It brings the charm of the many Spanish ‘tapeos’ to the hustle bustle of New York. What is great about tapas is that since they are small, as a vegetarian, you can order all the vegetarian dishes. In case you walk in without a reservation, you can have a drink at their bar that serves a large variety of wines.

Read more

Totto Ramen – New York

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Everyone knows that if you are in New York, there is MORE THAN ENOUGH vegetarian food for everyone. What makes this city so special food-wise, is that the most meat centric food, also has a veggie alternative. Totto Ramen is one such restaurant. A small Japanese Eatery that will have you waiting at any hour cause they don’t take reservations, but don’t fret, the wait is quick, painless and worth it!

Fashioned after Japanese lunch hour madness, this place serves delicious food on rustic wooden tables with no pretense. Service is quick and there is only one vegetarian ramen option (even the broth is vegetarian). You can sit at the open kitchen counter and watch Japanese Chefs prepare this soupy goodness or wait your turn for a table. Read more