Chilli – Bled, Slovenia

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Chilli isn’t your typical Mexican restaurant. They even serve pastas, risotto, baked potato and some other non-Mexican food, but for a vegetarian, that simply means more options, cause they are happy to vegetarian-ise everything for you.

They made us a vegetarian Quesedilla with beans, cheese and vegetables. The Guac was unfortunately not fresh, definitely not the best guac I had, but you got to make do. They even made us an amazing dish of beans, rice, grilled vegetables and potatoes. Not a typical Mexican meal at all! But they’re helpful and friendly nature it what makes Chilly’s such a great place to visit.

Like all Mexican restaurants, this was also nice and warm, with bright colors and lively music. Bled has few places that will serve you Veggie food that is not boiled vegetables or lettuce leaves and Chilly is definitely one of them.

Cesta svobode 9
4260 Bled

Tel: 04 574 30 27