Emporium Thai – Los Angeles, USA

IMG_1448You wouldn’t necessarily think to eat Thai food when in LA, but don’t mind if you do, cause you can easily stop by Emporium Thai for some great Thai food. The Emporium’s menu has a very interesting spice scale, you can order foods with varying spice specifications of 1-10 (10 being teary eyes). We stuck to a lower mid spice range of 3/4 and we had a very good meal.

IMG_1447Emporium Thai has a separate section with vegan and vegetarian options, this really is the place to be for us veggies. We ordered the drunken noodles, the green curry and the Tom Yum Pak soup. All the food was delicious and almost felt like comfort food. The soup turned out to be a bit spicy by the end of it, but the other food was great! Do not miss the drunken noodles they were definitely my favorite dish on the menu, experiment with something new – step away from Pad Thai.

As with most foods in America, the portion size was rather large, so you will be able to share these dishes, or take some home as left overs. Arguably Westwood’s best Thai restaurant, for veggies!


1275 Westwood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90024