Gaggan – Bangkok, Thailand


Gaggan – Asia’s number 1 restaurant, and it deserves that spot!

An evening at Gaggan is so much more than a meal, it is an experience that tantalizes all your senses and continues to do so long after you have walked beyond the threshold of the haloed restaurant. Set in a building unlike anything I expected, Gaggan is located in a beautiful white washed wooden house bathed in warm lighting that gives one the memory of eating in your own home. There are near to no hints of the burst of flavor and color that you will seen on your plate in any of the decor. Right from when you see the structure, to after you have finished your dessert, Gaggan is toying with your mind. Best leave all pre-conceived notions at the door.

The Gaggan tasting menu is a multi-course vegetarian delight, where your server will explain to you what is placed in front of you. Be forewarned – nothing looks like what it tastes. Molecular gastronomy 101.  

There are no seconds and no choices, you get one serving of everything and the experience is phenomenal. We started with what looked like a dew drop on a leaf, a fresh bubble of aloe grape and fennel. After that came and array of bite sized foods which had on point flavors of varied Indian snacks. Everything that came to the table was a guessing game of what it taste like once you put it in your mouth. Who new chocolate and pani puri would taste so good together? Or that an egg shape blob on spoon can have all the complex flavors of dahi puri, balanced to perfection! Another stand out dish was a fluffy sponge with yellow foam and a curry leaf – a perfect bite of everyones beloved idli sambar.

IMG_2888 IMG_2898

The meal then moved from snacks to more heavier foods. On of my favorites in this section was the ‘Charcoal’, but I wont tell you too much about that since Gaggan doesn’t either. Just remember to eat with your eyes. The ‘Magic Mushrooms’ is every mushroom lovers dream, silky smooth mushrooms with crunchy truffle caramel and a zing of green chilly. The Red Matcha got some mixed opinions, but I thought it was fantastic. The mix of fruity freshness with a bold velvety tomato soup was fantastic. Even though the soup looked like a watered down red juice – the trickery continues. The last stop before dessert was a typical Indian tiffin dabba of comfort food – naan and paneer makhani, cause no Indian meal is complete without some of that.

IMG_2901 IMG_2911

After all that yumminess from all the corners of India, the menu turned sweet. To be honest this was my least favorite part of the meal. None of the desserts were as memorable. But no meal ends without something sweet.

Worth every penny and every minute of 3 hours, the experience is one that you will not forget. Gaggan Anand is pushing the limits of food as we know it and truly creating ‘Progressive Indian Cuisine’. Make sure you reserve in advance!

8/1 Soi Langsuan
Ploenchit Road
Bangkok 10330