Gallus Pizzeria – Bled, Slovenia

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Pizza is an Italian food, but somehow it has been so American-ised that more often than not, the pizzas you get taste more like something you would find in America and not Italy. That may not necessarily be a bad thing; I love pizza, American or Italian. Gallus is your American pizza joint in Bled, Slovenia. Nice and crusty, with lots of cheese, this pizza hits the spot when you are hungry and ready to eat like and American.

Located in the middle of Bled, this pizzeria is hard to miss. What is really nice about this place is that they are willing to make changes to the food as per your requirement. They will custom make for you, make half pizzas. add extra sauce and more. The pizzeria overlooks the beautiful bled lake, so you can have your slice of European beauty with American Pizza. The Garlic bread was actually really good, nice and flavorful, and it goes great with the chilly oil that they serve.

It won’t break my heart if you don’t go to this pizzeria, but if you do, you won’t be disappointed.

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