Park Restaurant – Bled Cream Cake – Bled, Slovenia

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If you have done any research on Bled or Slovenia, you have probably heard of the Bled Cream Cake, and if you haven’t, you are definitely researching in the wrong place. This Cake has been Bled’s crowning jewel for the last 60 years. But, you can’t go to Bled and just have any old cream cake; you must have it at the Park restaurant, for that is the birthplace of this blessed piece of goodness.

The Park hotel has been making this cake with the same recipe and ingredients for 60 years and no one else does it quite the same way. The Cream Cake is like eating a cloud of deliciousness, it has a layer of filo pastry on either end, dusted with icing sugar, and in between a layer of cream. The dessert is so light that you can easily eat one piece by yourself and you will be begging for more. It may look big, but you won’t even realize when the whole thing will have disappeared. The ‘cream slice’ is very humble looking, and one could almost call it boring, with the visually stunning desserts available now, but don’t be fooled by appearances, this is probably one of the best things you will ever taste!

The Park is a restaurant and cafe, and they obviously serve other food. We ordered a pasta, a sandwich and a soup. The soup and sandwich were really good, the pasta not so much. On the whole I would say just stick to the cream cakes! For their 60th anniversary, they even launched 2 new flavors – chocolate and berries. The Chocolate cream cake was as good as the original, I actually can’t decide which of the 2 I like better. The cream cakes are light, fresh, flaky, creamy wonders, and a gift to mankind. Don’t miss the Blejska Kremna Rezina.

Park Restaurant and Cafe,
Cesta svobode 15,
4260 Bled, Slovenia

P: +386 4 579 18 18
F: +386 4 579 18 01