Pure Veggie House – Mid Levels, Hong Kong

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It’s always great (and safe) to go to a Buddhist restaurant, cause more often that not, it will be vegetarian. Pure Veggie House is exactly that, the name pretty much gives it away. A small busy Chinese eatery, filled with chaos, lots of tables and happy eaters, Pure Veggie House is the perfect place for a hearty Sunday lunch. As you walk in you will see a bunch of vegetables revolving in a fridge like display, above them it says ‘Fresh Organic Vegetables’, that is when you know they take their food seriously.

The waiters at Pure Veggie may not understanding anything you are saying, but since this is an all vegetarian restaurant, it’s not such a problem. Pointing at the menu and then holding up your fingers to indicate how many portions you want usually does the trick. The service is quick and there is an all-you-can-drink pot of tea set at your table for any seconds you may spend waiting. I would say that everything on the menu should be had, because the food was so good, and very rarely can a vegetarian eat everything on a menu. 

If you want a few suggestions, then all the dim sums were great. More so because there was so much variety, as if they came from every province of China. The came in every shape and form, as pot stickers, steamed, in a soupy gravy and more. A must have is the fried tofu with peppers and cashew nuts, this dish may look big, but I assure you that you will finish it. Superbly flavored, this tofu can be add on to anything you eat, or great for bites in between other dishes. The rice cracker dish with tofu was also excellent. The crunchy rice cracker with the gooey gravy of the tofu is a great combination, and a nice contrast of textures. Last but not least, the garlic fried rice was like comfort food, one helping of this and the whole meal is complete. 

I have also been told that the vegetarian hot pot is really good, if you do try it, leave a comment below and tell me how it is.

3/F, Coda Plaza, 51 Garden Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong
+852 2525 0552