Smorgasburg – New York

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New York City’s food cart culture is amazing! You can just pick up food from any street corner and sit out doors and enjoy the awesome meal. It’s great way to be outdoors, try some great food, and build a community. Smorgasburg is a food cart fair, with at least 75 odd carts selling everything from Dosas to Dumplings and Sodas to sandwich ice creams. You can buy awesome food, but you may have to stand in line, so go early. You can find all kind of cuisines here, including foods with dietary restrictions; gluten-free, vegan, etc. They even have stands selling Tacos, ice cream, noodles, veggie hot dogs, parathas, sandhwcihes, pop corn, baked goods and more. The sheer variety and expanse of Smorgasburg will blow you away. 

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On a nice summer day, Smorgasburg is the perfect place for brunch. A large variety of delicious food, and a stunning view of the financial district. Make sure you go on time, cause they may run out of the best stuff. Smorgasburg is held every weekend, ‘come rain or shine’ but the locations do change, so check before you head out.

The lines can be long, so my suggestion is you grab a drink and then stand on line and wait your turn for your food. Try as many things as you can, divide and conquer may be the best way to tackle this. Most stands have a few veggie options, the truffle dumplings we had were really good, as was the corn on the cob with cotija cheese.

A great place to frolic in the sun, and experience the gastronomic diversity of the New York City area. Go hungry and foolish and you will make a day out of it.