Sotto 13 – New York

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A small easy to miss restaurant in the west village, with cute outdoor seating and a nice warm interior with a stunning sky light, Sotto 13 is a cross between your grandma’s kitchen and modern dining. A nice place for any meal of the day, but a fantastic place for a boozy brunch. They have a DIY (do-it-yourself) Prosecco brunch paired with some great food, that will leave you very happy. 

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Unlimited Prosecco with a  tray of mixers (fresh fruit, juices etc. ) that you are free to mix into your glass of Prosecco to your hearts content. Go wild mixing juices and fruits and each time you have a new amazing concoction. Apart from that, the food was also amazing! As a part of the brunch, you can pick a some appetizers, mains and 3 pizzas.

The food was really good, my favorite was the Lasgna al Forno, with mushrooms and truffle oil that just melts in your mouth. The Lasagna came in small, cute skillets for 2 people to share. The Rosemary Potatoes were also really good, as was the pizza. The server gave us the Crispy Polenta Parmesan on the house, and it was amazing, and I am not the biggest fan of Polenta. The food and drinks were a great combination; a perfect Sunday brunch.

Sotto 13 is a great place to go with large groups as well as they have brunch packages depending on the number of people that go. They even do a bunch of other fun stuff, so make sure you keep checking their website. Sotto 13- Pizza, Cocktails and Tapas.
140 W. 13th Street New York, NY 10011
(212) 647-1001