Empire – Boston

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A swanky upscale Asian restaurant on the sea port of Boston. This restaurant combines the flavors of Asia with the panache and class of New England. A great place to head to on any day of the week, depending on what you are looking for. The weekends are popping with the latest music, a well dressed young crowd and some great cocktails to go with their delicious food. While during the week you will find great modern food, but a quieter atmosphere.

They have a bunch of vegetarian options and each is as good as the next. Good food and great service in a modern restaurant is a lethal combination. The menu offers some great sushi options, and they are happy cater to your requests. Don’t miss out on the Avocado Nigiri! It’s rare that vegetarians get to eat Nigiri, it usually has fish, but we jumped on the veggie option as soon as we saw it.  Read more

Kings Joy – Beijing


Kings Joy – that is the perfect name for this restaurant. Beautifully designed, with clean modern furniture, crisp decor and delectable food, just being at this restaurant is a joy. Kings Joy is the coming together of a Buddhist monk and a nutritionist that are trying to promote healthy eating and vegetarianism to the world. I am definitely not complaining! You can feel the serenity of buddhism in the vibe of the restaurant.

This eatery is definitely looking to the future with its food, clean design and high-tech gadgets. The menus are iPads and you have to order as if you are shopping online, its very hard to do that when you have so many options! The menu had a variety of asian fusion foods, and some Italian options as well, we steered away from the Italian and went all out on the asian.  Read more