Otto e Mezzo Bombana – Central, Hong Kong

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Find yourself in Hong Kong during truffle season (Sept- Nov)? then head over to Otto e Mezzo Bombana, to taste the culinary delights of Chef Bombana. Umberto Bombana is rumored to have the first pick of the famed truffles from Alba, and consider yourself lucky if you get to eat them! But be prepared to open your wallet wide, truffles that are flown in daily from Italy, do not come cheap.  Read more

1968, Indonesian – Central, Hong Kong

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In a most unassuming location, the 5th floor of one of the many high rises in Central is 1968, is a delicious Indonesian restaurant. Fashioned  after the famed Indonesian street food dining culture, 1968 has charming wooden tables, cycles with carts, and an open kitchen.  They have successfully captured the beauty of the chaos on the Indonesian street side.

I went on a Monday for lunch and lucky for me, I was handed a ‘Green Monday Veggie Menu’! They had a couple vegetarian options on the regular menu as well, but the veggie menu was like striking gold. We ordered the ‘Gado Gado Dongan Emping’*, an Indonesian salad with fruit crackers and peanut sauce, the ‘Kyatieu Goreng Sayeur’*, Fried thick noodles with mixed vegetables and the ‘Kari Sayuer’*, a vegetable curry. We thought 3 dishes may not be enough, but we couldn’t have been more wrong, the portions may look small but they were very big. Read more

Ciak, in the kitchen – Central, Hong Kong


Another great spot for a crazy day of shopping. Located on the 3rd floor of the Landmark mall, Ciak is a nice pit stop  to take, before you resume shopping. Ciak translates to ‘action’ (like on a movie set), and the cafe/restaurant has Italian cinema references littered through the decor.

This is a venture by Michelin Star winner Chef Bombana. The walls double up as shelves, inviting guests to buy boxes of house made pasta boxes and other Italian produce. The restaurant has open kitchens, so you can always see your pizza being prepared, and above the kitchen, they have cute sayings, giving the whole restaurant a friendly feel. Read more

Zuma, Hong Kong

Zuma, Hong Kong

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I am sure many of you have been to one Zuma or another, in Dubai, London or some place else, but I recently had my first Zuma meal in Hong Kong. Located in the heart of Hong Kong, amid all the luxury brands and hotels, Zuma is a treat for any vegetarian that walks in.

As we entered we were greeted warmly and shown to our table, if you can call it that. We were taken to a ‘table’ for 2 that was wedged in the middle of 2 larger tables while a third chair was added, even though it was touching another table’s chair.  The table was unfitting for anyone that wanted to eat a meal, let alone the fact that the meal was to be at an internationally acclaimed Japanese restaurant. After a complaint from our side, and many unnecessary frowns on their side, we were finally shown to a table that one could consume a meal at. Read more

Mana – fast slow food, Hong Kong


Mana means food of the gods, and once you eat here, you wont disagree. A small hole in the wall, that will have a line trailing out the front door, Mana is a definite must visit. Whether you are a busy shopper or busy with work, this meal will have you rejuvenated and ready to go for the rest of your day.

The food at Mana is all fresh, natural, locally grown and simple. One can order salads, rolls, burgers and variety of fresh juices and even coconut water! The whole restaurant has a very earthy vibe to it and they obviously don’t served bottled water. (Water can be had from steel glasses filled at a running tap.) Read more