Sass Cafe – Dubai


The Arab version of the famed outpost in Monaco, Sass Cafe brings European luxury to Dubai. Located in DIFC, this is a great place for a meal, a nigh out, or even a crazy party brunch, Sass Cafe is great anytime of day. The menu is European inspired, with salads and pastas and some fantastic desserts. Sass Cafe even has a wonderful outdoor area, from which you can see the Burj Khalifa in all its glory.  Read more

As Apertivo – Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Located in the heart of the old town, this place is not your typical tourist trap. Apertivo is a cutting edge restaurant drawing in young and classy eaters with great taste in life and food. Clean and modern decor, this restaurant is something that you may find in the meat packing district.

Apertivo offers indoor and outdoor seating and on a clear summer day, you can enjoy stunning views of the castle. The staff is very helpful, as is everyone is Slovenia. They will make meat subtractions for you in everything. The menu offers some great salads with goat cheese, grana padano and other cheeses and fruits and some delicious pastas. Read more

Park Restaurant – Bled Cream Cake – Bled, Slovenia

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If you have done any research on Bled or Slovenia, you have probably heard of the Bled Cream Cake, and if you haven’t, you are definitely researching in the wrong place. This Cake has been Bled’s crowning jewel for the last 60 years. But, you can’t go to Bled and just have any old cream cake; you must have it at the Park restaurant, for that is the birthplace of this blessed piece of goodness.

Read more

Ciak, in the kitchen – Central, Hong Kong


Another great spot for a crazy day of shopping. Located on the 3rd floor of the Landmark mall, Ciak is a nice pit stop  to take, before you resume shopping. Ciak translates to ‘action’ (like on a movie set), and the cafe/restaurant has Italian cinema references littered through the decor.

This is a venture by Michelin Star winner Chef Bombana. The walls double up as shelves, inviting guests to buy boxes of house made pasta boxes and other Italian produce. The restaurant has open kitchens, so you can always see your pizza being prepared, and above the kitchen, they have cute sayings, giving the whole restaurant a friendly feel. Read more

Zuma, Hong Kong

Zuma, Hong Kong

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I am sure many of you have been to one Zuma or another, in Dubai, London or some place else, but I recently had my first Zuma meal in Hong Kong. Located in the heart of Hong Kong, amid all the luxury brands and hotels, Zuma is a treat for any vegetarian that walks in.

As we entered we were greeted warmly and shown to our table, if you can call it that. We were taken to a ‘table’ for 2 that was wedged in the middle of 2 larger tables while a third chair was added, even though it was touching another table’s chair.  The table was unfitting for anyone that wanted to eat a meal, let alone the fact that the meal was to be at an internationally acclaimed Japanese restaurant. After a complaint from our side, and many unnecessary frowns on their side, we were finally shown to a table that one could consume a meal at. Read more