Gaggan – Bangkok, Thailand


Gaggan – Asia’s number 1 restaurant, and it deserves that spot!

An evening at Gaggan is so much more than a meal, it is an experience that tantalizes all your senses and continues to do so long after you have walked beyond the threshold of the haloed restaurant. Set in a building unlike anything I expected, Gaggan is located in a beautiful white washed wooden house bathed in warm lighting that gives one the memory of eating in your own home. There are near to no hints of the burst of flavor and color that you will seen on your plate in any of the decor. Right from when you see the structure, to after you have finished your dessert, Gaggan is toying with your mind. Best leave all pre-conceived notions at the door.

The Gaggan tasting menu is a multi-course vegetarian delight, where your server will explain to you what is placed in front of you. Be forewarned – nothing looks like what it tastes. Molecular gastronomy 101.   Read more

Anju Coco – Havelock, Andaman Islands, India


photo 2

There are any number of eateries of all shapes and sizes on the blessed Island of Havelock, but one that was mentioned time and again was Anju Coco. A combination of shack, hut and concrete this eatery is buzzing on any night of the week, and they don’t serve alcohol! Filled with locals and tourists alike, everyone loves this place, and for good reason. If nothing else you should just swing by to try the decadent (according to my friends) banoffie shake (I am not a big fan of bananas), rich, creamy, smooth and oh-so-filling, this could be a mini-meal in itself. Read more