Nobu – Los Angeles, USA

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If you have been to any Nobu ever, you know it’s going to be fantastic. Their food is always impeccable and delicious. Pair that with a delicious bottle of Sake or a brunch cocktail and it’s going to be a meal to remember. Add to that the stunning Malibu coastline with the beautiful Californian sun, and there’s a meal you will never forget!

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Beyond Sushi – New York

photo 2All vegetarian and vegan sushi bar? hell yes! Beyond Sushi is for all the sushi lovers out there that have been to so many Japanese restaurants and requested, begged and pleaded for vegetarian rolls. With 2 outposts in New York City, this place is not to be missed. They make interesting concoctions with mangoes, kiwi, micro greens, tofu, black rice and much more.

Small and unassuming, Beyond Sushi has a wide open vegetable bar where you can watch your sushi being carefully crafted. They have a small seating space, so you may have to take your sushi to-go, but thats not such a bad thing in New York. They even sell their delicious black rice in jars, I couldn’t stop myself from buying one cause it tasted so good in their sushi. All the rolls are super flavorful and avant-garde, I would suggest you forget the traditional avocado-cucumbers and go all out on the ‘Spicy Mang’. Read more

Zuma, Hong Kong

Zuma, Hong Kong

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I am sure many of you have been to one Zuma or another, in Dubai, London or some place else, but I recently had my first Zuma meal in Hong Kong. Located in the heart of Hong Kong, amid all the luxury brands and hotels, Zuma is a treat for any vegetarian that walks in.

As we entered we were greeted warmly and shown to our table, if you can call it that. We were taken to a ‘table’ for 2 that was wedged in the middle of 2 larger tables while a third chair was added, even though it was touching another table’s chair.  The table was unfitting for anyone that wanted to eat a meal, let alone the fact that the meal was to be at an internationally acclaimed Japanese restaurant. After a complaint from our side, and many unnecessary frowns on their side, we were finally shown to a table that one could consume a meal at. Read more