Ku De Ta – Bali, Indonesia

Beach shack meets high end restaurant with great music, drinks and food – KU DE TA! They even have a pretty killer store at the front selling designer beach wear. Ku De Ta or KDT for short, has a great vibe, lots of happy, fun people soaking up the Balinese sun while occasionally taking a dip in the pool or sea to return to delicious food and drinks! Read more

Potato Head – Bali, Indonesia


A park? A pool? A beach ? looking for all or any of the above? head to the Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak. A great place to watch the sun go down and enjoy some nomnoms with a drink in the Indonesian sun. Make sure you reach early or have a reservation, because it is almost impossible to get a place by the beach at this popular joint. A Coachella meets sandy beach vibe, Potato Head is a must visit in Bali for all. Read more

Pizzeria Rikli

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Pizzeria Rikli is the place you must visit in Bled. Delicious well done Pizzas with toppings of your choice, this pizza place is fantastic. A small pizza joint, that can easily be missed and usually does a buy 2 + 1 free promotion, this place is worth every penny (and it’s really well priced)!

The Pizzas may look big, but I assure you, you can finish one, cause it tastes so good! You may have to stuff yourself a bit, but I know you can do it. I really enjoyed the ‘Spicy pizza’ (garlic, chilli flakes, mushrooms and cheese), it came as a pleasant surprise to me that they would serve such a pizza in this part of the world. The ingredients are fresh and delicious and they will happily cater to your tastes, and you can even watch your pizza being made. Read more

Gallus Pizzeria – Bled, Slovenia

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Pizza is an Italian food, but somehow it has been so American-ised that more often than not, the pizzas you get taste more like something you would find in America and not Italy. That may not necessarily be a bad thing; I love pizza, American or Italian. Gallus is your American pizza joint in Bled, Slovenia. Nice and crusty, with lots of cheese, this pizza hits the spot when you are hungry and ready to eat like and American. Read more

Eatalia, Carpe Diem – Hou Hai, Beijing


When in China, do as the Chinese? But that can be a bit dangerous if you are vegetarian. In a city where people barely understand what you are saying, finding vegetarian food can be quite the task. Even more so when you think you are talking to a person who may possibly have eaten scorpions, worms, cockroaches, and god knows what else… oh! the curse of imagination! In such a situation, finding Eatalia – Carpe Diem in the middle of Beijing is like a beacon of hope, restoring your faith in mankind.

Started by 2 friends of Italian and Spanish origin, Eatalia is a small, but cosy place serving great Italian food. They have an indoor and outdoor section, and Marc Antony’s speech “Friends, Romans, countrymen .. ” painted on the wall. The menu was quite extensive, with pizza, pasta, risotto and salad options. Read more