Pizzeria Rikli

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Pizzeria Rikli is the place you must visit in Bled. Delicious well done Pizzas with toppings of your choice, this pizza place is fantastic. A small pizza joint, that can easily be missed and usually does a buy 2 + 1 free promotion, this place is worth every penny (and it’s really well priced)!

The Pizzas may look big, but I assure you, you can finish one, cause it tastes so good! You may have to stuff yourself a bit, but I know you can do it. I really enjoyed the ‘Spicy pizza’ (garlic, chilli flakes, mushrooms and cheese), it came as a pleasant surprise to me that they would serve such a pizza in this part of the world. The ingredients are fresh and delicious and they will happily cater to your tastes, and you can even watch your pizza being made. Read more

Cafe Deco Pizzeria – Kowloon, Hong Kong


For most people, holidays involve shopping, and lots of it! It’s mall after mall after mall, and in between all the bag carry-ing, clothes try-ing and bill pay-ing, it’s nice to get a bite of food.

Café Deco Pizzeria is the perfect place for that bite. Located in Elements mall in Kowloon, Café Deco offers you quick comfort food right in the middle of a busy shopping day. The pizza had a nice crispy crust, and the toppings were fresh. The Penne Arrabiatta was exactly as you would imagine it. No surprises, just a simple elegant penne in a nice and tangy tomato sauce. Read more