Zengo – New York, USA

IMG_1584 2Latin-Asian fusion yummyness! Zengo has all the best stuff from the east and west packed into each delicious dish. Brain child of famed restaurant owner-chef Richard Sandoval, Zengo is a great place to have a nice dinner, or even a quick lunch before you get onto a train from Grand Central. The best part, they have a separate gluten free and vegetarian menu! Read more

Sarabeth’s – New York, USA


With numerous accolades to it’s name, this place needs no description, but I would like for it to be on my blog. The food at Sarabeth’s (Central Park) definitely stands as testament to the magic of founder, Sarabeth Levine – even for vegetarians! This is a great place to stop by for lunch or brunch to make any day in nyc, a good day in nyc. Sarabeth’s is the the physical manifestation of the American dream. With a humble beginning of selling orange marmalade, Levine now has a bakery, numerous restaurants and a flourishing Jam business (source:http://www.sarabeth.com/About-Us_ep_7.html). More food for us! Read more

Nobu – Los Angeles, USA

IMG_1507 2

If you have been to any Nobu ever, you know it’s going to be fantastic. Their food is always impeccable and delicious. Pair that with a delicious bottle of Sake or a brunch cocktail and it’s going to be a meal to remember. Add to that the stunning Malibu coastline with the beautiful Californian sun, and there’s a meal you will never forget!

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Emporium Thai – Los Angeles, USA

IMG_1448You wouldn’t necessarily think to eat Thai food when in LA, but don’t mind if you do, cause you can easily stop by Emporium Thai for some great Thai food. The Emporium’s menu has a very interesting spice scale, you can order foods with varying spice specifications of 1-10 (10 being teary eyes). We stuck to a lower mid spice range of 3/4 and we had a very good meal. Read more

Bella Pita – Los Angeles, USA

IMG_1438Best midnight snack in LA. Best midnight snack.  Best Snack. Best!

If you are ever in the Westwood area, do not leave without a falafel sandwich from Bella Pita. Or feel regret for the rest of your life. I had it thrice on my trip to LA and I still crave it! Bella Pita is a typical small falafel joint, with a salad bar for you to stuff your sandwich, but what makes this place unforgettable our delicious sauces that they have with it. It puts all other falafel shops to shame. That Harissa sauce had me licking my fingers.  Read more

Urth Caffe – Los Angeles, USA


If you go to LA, you’ll find a ton of all things organic, vegan, vegetarian and healthy, Urth Caffe is all of that and much more. With multiple outlets (and for good reason), Urth Caffe is selling, delicious, clean, and moral food and beverages to locals and tourists across California. The food tastes as good as it looks and sounds. Great food in a cosy, home like setting, is a perfect meal to me. They have walls lined with delicious organic coffees and teas from across the world. So even if you don’t have time for a bite, grab a cup o’joe and head on, but make sure you make the pit stop.

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The Stinking Rose – Los Angeles


Are you a huge fan of garlic? Do you just not care how much your breath will stink after eating lots of garlic? (And hey, what are mints and gum for right?) If the answer to these questions is a yes, then there’s a restaurant you must eat at in Los Angeles, The Stinking Rose – a garlic restaurant! Every dish served in this restaurant is garlic based. Yum! This might not be the best place for a date though, if you know what I mean.

The Stinking Rose is an Italian restaurant with its own flair. When you walk in, you will feel like you’ve walked into a circus. Tables are set up with curtains and decor is pleasantly chaotic. LA is known for its crazies and this is just one of the many that fit right into this star studded city. Read more

Julian Serrano – Las Vegas

photo 2
If you are a veggie in Vegas, you must make a stop at Julian Serrano to enjoy a tapas lunch or dinner. Located right in the center of the strip at the Aria, this is a perfect spot for a couple, family or friends. The first thing that will catch your attention is the vibrant, colorful interiors. The restaurant has playful, whimsical feel, that makes dining there a great experience. The restaurant also has an open dining setting where diners can look out to the famous strip as they eat. Named after the chef himself, this restaurant brings the Spanish fervor of Serrano’s childhood to Las Vegas. Read more

Sotto 13 – New York

photo 3

A small easy to miss restaurant in the west village, with cute outdoor seating and a nice warm interior with a stunning sky light, Sotto 13 is a cross between your grandma’s kitchen and modern dining. A nice place for any meal of the day, but a fantastic place for a boozy brunch. They have a DIY (do-it-yourself) Prosecco brunch paired with some great food, that will leave you very happy.  Read more

Beyond Sushi – New York

photo 2All vegetarian and vegan sushi bar? hell yes! Beyond Sushi is for all the sushi lovers out there that have been to so many Japanese restaurants and requested, begged and pleaded for vegetarian rolls. With 2 outposts in New York City, this place is not to be missed. They make interesting concoctions with mangoes, kiwi, micro greens, tofu, black rice and much more.

Small and unassuming, Beyond Sushi has a wide open vegetable bar where you can watch your sushi being carefully crafted. They have a small seating space, so you may have to take your sushi to-go, but thats not such a bad thing in New York. They even sell their delicious black rice in jars, I couldn’t stop myself from buying one cause it tasted so good in their sushi. All the rolls are super flavorful and avant-garde, I would suggest you forget the traditional avocado-cucumbers and go all out on the ‘Spicy Mang’. Read more