V-Note – New York


V-Note is a casual-classy vegan restaurant located in Upper East Side Manhattan, NYC. You can come here by yourself for a mid-day lunch break or bring a date for an evening dinner. The lighting is nice, the decor is above average, service is great. Online reviews consistently give a rating of 8/10 or higher. Although I have been here only twice, I have been more than satisfied with this restaurant.  Read more

Beyond Sushi – New York

photo 2All vegetarian and vegan sushi bar? hell yes! Beyond Sushi is for all the sushi lovers out there that have been to so many Japanese restaurants and requested, begged and pleaded for vegetarian rolls. With 2 outposts in New York City, this place is not to be missed. They make interesting concoctions with mangoes, kiwi, micro greens, tofu, black rice and much more.

Small and unassuming, Beyond Sushi has a wide open vegetable bar where you can watch your sushi being carefully crafted. They have a small seating space, so you may have to take your sushi to-go, but thats not such a bad thing in New York. They even sell their delicious black rice in jars, I couldn’t stop myself from buying one cause it tasted so good in their sushi. All the rolls are super flavorful and avant-garde, I would suggest you forget the traditional avocado-cucumbers and go all out on the ‘Spicy Mang’. Read more

Nishta – Dubrovnik, Croatia

photo 3

A small, cute, purple restaurant with limited tables inside, this place is vegetarian heaven. An all-vegan restaurant with delicious foods from across the world. They serve great food that is fresh and innovative, combining flavors from local and international cuisine. Located in the old town, this is a perfect stop to make during a day of sight seeing.

Nishta is Sanskrit for ‘elevated state of mind’ and after eating here you will definitely get there. This cozy restaurant has a funky decor with Barbie and Ken stuck on the bathroom doors to make gender distinctions. The tables are closely packed and you may be rubbing elbows with a fellow eater, but you won’t complain about it. Read more

Pure Veggie House – Mid Levels, Hong Kong

photo 1

It’s always great (and safe) to go to a Buddhist restaurant, cause more often that not, it will be vegetarian. Pure Veggie House is exactly that, the name pretty much gives it away. A small busy Chinese eatery, filled with chaos, lots of tables and happy eaters, Pure Veggie House is the perfect place for a hearty Sunday lunch. As you walk in you will see a bunch of vegetables revolving in a fridge like display, above them it says ‘Fresh Organic Vegetables’, that is when you know they take their food seriously.

The waiters at Pure Veggie may not understanding anything you are saying, but since this is an all vegetarian restaurant, it’s not such a problem. Pointing at the menu and then holding up your fingers to indicate how many portions you want usually does the trick. The service is quick and there is an all-you-can-drink pot of tea set at your table for any seconds you may spend waiting. I would say that everything on the menu should be had, because the food was so good, and very rarely can a vegetarian eat everything on a menu.  Read more