Tequila on Davis – Hong Kong



It isn’t easy to get good Mexican food in Hong Kong, it is even hard to get good, vegetarian, Mexican food in Hong Kong. But the up and coming, hipster, Kennedy Town has a great Mexican Restaurant – Tequila on Davis. Located on Davis street, right by the water, this restaurant is the perfect place to begin a great night on the town.


The street level has more of a bar vibe, while the upper level is more like a restaurant. Depending on your mood for the night, take your pick. We sat upstairs as we were there with family. The decor, like every good mexican restaurant has sombreros, bottles of various kinds of tequila and lots of brightly painted things. Even the plates are nice and colorful! There are quite a few vegetarian things on the menu, we stuck with the classics.

IMG_3482 IMG_3487


We had the rice and beans, lots of nachos with amazing creamy guacamole and a few different kinds of salsa. We even really enjoyed the veggie burrito as well as the mushroom quesadillas. All the food was really good, such that my father wanted to go back to the restaurant in the same week. The food comes really quickly and it will be eaten even quicker, so make sure to grab it before it is gone.

Shop 7, G/F & C/L., Grand Fortune Mansion, No. 1 Davis Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
+852 2818 1766