Zahrabel – Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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They call themselves Zahrabel- Lebanese Private Dining Club, but don’t be afraid, becoming a member is just a 2 step online registration. After having done that, you must visit this delicious eatery. Located on the 25th floor of a modern building, Zahrabel’s interiors hark back to times of middle eastern souks, with dense patterns and rich desert colours.

Zahra was a restaurant that existed in hong Kong many years ago, it was started by a couple and was one of the pioneers of Lebanese food. After doing well for many years, they decided to pull down the shutters. A few years later, the daughters of this happy couple decided to open Zahrabel in a new swanky location to revive the spirit of Zahra. The restaurant is family owned and till date all the recipes are kept within the family.

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Keeping that personal touch going, if you have reserved a table, you will see a little square frame with your name set on the table. At Zahrabel, you can pick from the 10 dishes set menu, 6 dishes set menu, or you can just order al la carte. We opted for the ‘setteh set’ the six dish menu. The menu has a mix of hot and cold, veggie and non-veggie mezzes and some mains. Our set of 6 comprised of Hummus, Jos Mahrouse, Fatoush, Haloumi, Felafel balls and the fava bean dip. We further ordered a side of Babaganouj and batata hara. All of this came with warm pita bread. A must have is the Jos Mahrouse, a spicy dip with mixed Mediterranean nuts. The hummus was nice and creamy, the salads fresh and the Haloumi was tough, but moist. In my opinion the best way to have all this is too just mix the stuff you like and have it with bites of warm pita. The flavors go very well together and compliment each other, the warm falafel with the cold salad, creamy hummus, smoky babaganouj and spicy Jos Mahrouse is fantastic.

At the end of the set menu, we were served mint tea and a dessert of Baklava and Khadaifi (a mediterranean cheese cake). While I am not a huge fan of Lebanese desserts a sip of this and a bite of that left me very satisfied.

25/F, 235-239 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
+852 5503-9181