Zengo – New York, USA

IMG_1584 2Latin-Asian fusion yummyness! Zengo has all the best stuff from the east and west packed into each delicious dish. Brain child of famed restaurant owner-chef Richard Sandoval, Zengo is a great place to have a nice dinner, or even a quick lunch before you get onto a train from Grand Central. The best part, they have a separate gluten free and vegetarian menu!

Naturally we ordered most of the vegetarian dishes on the special menu. Our favorite was the ‘vegetaranio sushi’ a soy paper sushi with asparagus scallion tempura and a sambal aioli. We even had the wonton tacos as well as the vegetarian arepas – both which are kind of similar tasting, I would definitely pick the Tacos over the arepas. For mains, we had the crispy tofu, which was absolutely delicious, perfectly cooked, and deliciously crunchy. The tofu was a great accompaniment to the vegetarian fried rice that was packed with delicious spices and crunchy vegetables.

Zengo even has a nice array of interesting beers from both ends of the world, which go great with the food. \

622 Third Ave at 40th St
New York, NY 10017
Tel. 212.808.8110