Otto e Mezzo Bombana – Central, Hong Kong

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Find yourself in Hong Kong during truffle season (Sept- Nov)? then head over to Otto e Mezzo Bombana, to taste the culinary delights of Chef Bombana. Umberto Bombana is rumored to have the first pick of the famed truffles from Alba, and consider yourself lucky if you get to eat them! But be prepared to open your wallet wide, truffles that are flown in daily from Italy, do not come cheap.  Read more

Namo Avant Thai – TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Namo Avant Thai, is a beautiful Thai restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is located right by the water and you can enjoy the awesome Hong Kong  skyline while you eat. I would like to think that the ‘avant’ in their name stands for Avant Garde, as this eatery has a nice mix of European, Indian and obviously Thai flavors.

They have many dishes with ‘paneer’, a separate vegetarian menu (yay!), and they even offer Jain options! The restaurant has slick modern wooden furniture and a nice casual dining vibe. It is located in the Empire Center mall and welcomes happy shoppers as well. I went to Namo for dinner and we sat outside, the temperature was perfect, the view spectacular and food delicious.  Read more

Pure Veggie House – Mid Levels, Hong Kong

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It’s always great (and safe) to go to a Buddhist restaurant, cause more often that not, it will be vegetarian. Pure Veggie House is exactly that, the name pretty much gives it away. A small busy Chinese eatery, filled with chaos, lots of tables and happy eaters, Pure Veggie House is the perfect place for a hearty Sunday lunch. As you walk in you will see a bunch of vegetables revolving in a fridge like display, above them it says ‘Fresh Organic Vegetables’, that is when you know they take their food seriously.

The waiters at Pure Veggie may not understanding anything you are saying, but since this is an all vegetarian restaurant, it’s not such a problem. Pointing at the menu and then holding up your fingers to indicate how many portions you want usually does the trick. The service is quick and there is an all-you-can-drink pot of tea set at your table for any seconds you may spend waiting. I would say that everything on the menu should be had, because the food was so good, and very rarely can a vegetarian eat everything on a menu.  Read more

Zahrabel – Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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They call themselves Zahrabel- Lebanese Private Dining Club, but don’t be afraid, becoming a member is just a 2 step online registration. After having done that, you must visit this delicious eatery. Located on the 25th floor of a modern building, Zahrabel’s interiors hark back to times of middle eastern souks, with dense patterns and rich desert colours.

Zahra was a restaurant that existed in hong Kong many years ago, it was started by a couple and was one of the pioneers of Lebanese food. After doing well for many years, they decided to pull down the shutters. A few years later, the daughters of this happy couple decided to open Zahrabel in a new swanky location to revive the spirit of Zahra. The restaurant is family owned and till date all the recipes are kept within the family. Read more

1968, Indonesian – Central, Hong Kong

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In a most unassuming location, the 5th floor of one of the many high rises in Central is 1968, is a delicious Indonesian restaurant. Fashioned  after the famed Indonesian street food dining culture, 1968 has charming wooden tables, cycles with carts, and an open kitchen.  They have successfully captured the beauty of the chaos on the Indonesian street side.

I went on a Monday for lunch and lucky for me, I was handed a ‘Green Monday Veggie Menu’! They had a couple vegetarian options on the regular menu as well, but the veggie menu was like striking gold. We ordered the ‘Gado Gado Dongan Emping’*, an Indonesian salad with fruit crackers and peanut sauce, the ‘Kyatieu Goreng Sayeur’*, Fried thick noodles with mixed vegetables and the ‘Kari Sayuer’*, a vegetable curry. We thought 3 dishes may not be enough, but we couldn’t have been more wrong, the portions may look small but they were very big. Read more

Grappa’s – Admiralty, Hong Kong

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Italian comfort food – that is exactly how I would describe Grappa’s. The food is perfect, simple, and just what you might be looking for after a long day. The interior of the restaurant is cosy, and reminiscent of old american diners, with booths that have leather upholstery. Also, like other american restaurants, they sell their own merchandise, if you are interested in owning Grappa’s stuff. Read more

Cafe Deco Pizzeria – Kowloon, Hong Kong


For most people, holidays involve shopping, and lots of it! It’s mall after mall after mall, and in between all the bag carry-ing, clothes try-ing and bill pay-ing, it’s nice to get a bite of food.

Café Deco Pizzeria is the perfect place for that bite. Located in Elements mall in Kowloon, Café Deco offers you quick comfort food right in the middle of a busy shopping day. The pizza had a nice crispy crust, and the toppings were fresh. The Penne Arrabiatta was exactly as you would imagine it. No surprises, just a simple elegant penne in a nice and tangy tomato sauce. Read more