Kings Joy – Beijing


Kings Joy – that is the perfect name for this restaurant. Beautifully designed, with clean modern furniture, crisp decor and delectable food, just being at this restaurant is a joy. Kings Joy is the coming together of a Buddhist monk and a nutritionist that are trying to promote healthy eating and vegetarianism to the world. I am definitely not complaining! You can feel the serenity of buddhism in the vibe of the restaurant.

This eatery is definitely looking to the future with its food, clean design and high-tech gadgets. The menus are iPads and you have to order as if you are shopping online, its very hard to do that when you have so many options! The menu had a variety of asian fusion foods, and some Italian options as well, we steered away from the Italian and went all out on the asian.  Read more

Cantina Agave – Tai Koo Li, Beijing


Who would think that I would find a good, veggie friendly, Mexican restaurant in Beijing! Believe it or not, I did! Located in the ‘upscale’ and ‘modern’ part of the city, Cantina Agave is your local neighborhood Taqueria and Tequileria. An outpost of the famed Mexican restaurant in Shanghai, Cantina Agave is taking the youth and expats of Beijing by storm.

Fashioned with brightly painted walls and stenciled graffiti of lizards, dancers and all things ‘Mexican’, the interiors of Cantina Agave are a welcome sight to the weary non-Chinese traveler. The place has a fun and carefree vibe that encapsulates you while you are there. And if that did not dispel your weariness, the extensive wall of Tequila choices definitely will. The eatery bravely displays its 3 lever tequila bar to it’s customers, mixing potent Margaritas and Mojitos amongst other lesser known, but equally toxic cocktails.  Read more

Eatalia, Carpe Diem – Hou Hai, Beijing


When in China, do as the Chinese? But that can be a bit dangerous if you are vegetarian. In a city where people barely understand what you are saying, finding vegetarian food can be quite the task. Even more so when you think you are talking to a person who may possibly have eaten scorpions, worms, cockroaches, and god knows what else… oh! the curse of imagination! In such a situation, finding Eatalia – Carpe Diem in the middle of Beijing is like a beacon of hope, restoring your faith in mankind.

Started by 2 friends of Italian and Spanish origin, Eatalia is a small, but cosy place serving great Italian food. They have an indoor and outdoor section, and Marc Antony’s speech “Friends, Romans, countrymen .. ” painted on the wall. The menu was quite extensive, with pizza, pasta, risotto and salad options. Read more